About Me…

I grew up in Farnham in the south of the UK with my Mother and Sister.  I spent the first 30 years of my life making terrible decisions and only after meeting with God and my life being radically changed did I start to make the right choices in life!

I went from marriage at the age of 21, to divorce 3 years later.  Unable to deal with the decisions I made in life I spiralled into a 7 year cycle of drug addiction, anxiety, depression, insomnia and attempted suicide before I came to the moment that transformed my life forever!

I now spend my days working in a Dental Practice, and my nights volunteering at Hope City Church with a heart to see other broken people find freedom and breakthrough!

I love God, love People and love Life and am passionate to see people discover the truth that Jesus Christ can change your life into something you NEVER dreamt it could be!  x x x


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