Are we still a Great Britain?

What makes Great Britain great?
One of the answers to this question is compassion. Yet we’ve turned our backs on the lives of those most desperately in need of our help.
The migrant crisis isn’t “someone else’s problem” it’s EVERYBODY’S problem. Why? Because they are human beings, just as we are, and they are in desperate need of love, compassion and hope.

We, The World, have watched in horror as these peoples families, sisters, mothers, fathers and brothers have been raped, tortured, burned and murdered yet we have done very little to help them. In fact we’ve done the opposite. We’ve turned our backs on them. The most desperate of humanity and we’ve turned the other way and put ourselves first.

For the first time in my whole life I’m truly ashamed to be British.

To regain our “Great British” status we need to open our border, listen to their pleas, care for their needs, feed them, love them and help them regain their land by fighting against IS and seeing this evil eradicated. My bible isn’t full of nice, heartwarming stories of Christians being door matts and turning a blind eye. My bible is full of stories of little known people taking up arms and battling evil!!

If we can’t fight them with spears, we must at least fight them with our words, our votes, our unity and prayers. For too long I’ve allowed the enemy to hold my tongue. No more fear. No more silence. We must respond. We must pray.


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