#WitnessMyRevival in a Trojan Horse.

I have just arrived home from Connect (ok, not quite just!) and felt it was vital that I put my thoughts into print for those of us who may find it difficult to be a witness to the world around them. I am lucky in that, for the most part, I love to talk to people AND I love to share what God has done in my life…and I will pretty much share that with anyone!! However I appreciate that I am in the minority in a lot of ways and that there are personality traits or other boundaries preventing others from sharing. And it is because of this that I thought I would share a few tips that I find have helped me to share the Gospel and my Testimony to people I don’t yet know.

The first tip has to be: Be faith filledu

Now that is an obvious one I know, and I am sure you are all thinking ‘Derrrrrr, of course!’ But I think sometimes we can forget the basics and, although we know it….we may not actually KNOW it! So here is a perspective that I have found helps me. I believe that in each and every one of us, there is a gaping big God shaped hole. It is a hole that we are born to fill with God but instead, we undoubtedly fill it with something else….such as a relationship – Husband or Wife perhaps, or through a dependancy – the weekend of binge drinking or even perhaps a pet, or a job, or a car….the list goes on! We’ve all done it. I’ve done it. I tried to find that satisfaction in a relationship and then through drugs – but I didn’t find it and this just made me more and more confused with an ever increasing feeling of disatisfaction! God designed us with the very purpose of being His children. So he has left space for Him to live in us. So this must mean that we are ALL born to hear the Gospel!!

What we can so eaily forget is that, even though we have found Him and He now fills the hole in us, we assume that others – ya know, those out there in the big broken world, don’t want to fill that gap with Him. We are so terrified or intimidated by rejection that we sidestep the actual thing that people are attracted to (the God in us) and instead are convinced that what we really need to do is either silence our Christianity or just invite people to Church. Don’t get me wrong….we DO need to invite them to Church!!! But, how much more attractive to someone who doesn’t know God, is a person who radiates Him, inviting them to Church?! And God is a personable God, He’s ALL about personal, He’s ALL about relationship. So without them getting to know you first, and hearing what God has done in your life, perhaps the invite is somewhat empty? It’s missing something. Fellowship maybe, or friendship?! Church is vital and its a HUGE part of my life and I love it. However, it recently dawned on me that I was so convinced that my mission was to just get people to Church – and no offence, but people see straight through this, so why present them with a ‘false’ motive. Instead be genuine. Be real. It doesn’t say in Acts that His Disciples went out daily and invited them to Church. No, it says they went out daily and shared the Gospel with them. What is the Gospel if not salvation and what does your salvation give you? A story, an incredible Testimony. So come on, let’s get sharing.

And that is the first tip. To have Faith that people WANT Jesus.

My second tip is this: Be yourself

The last thing anyone needs is a Christian who, as soon as they start talking about Jesus, turns into an awkward, somewhat superior, religious nut job (uh-oh….have I just described myself to a T….very possibly?!?) but, the fact is that we are often waiting for people to judge us or compare us to others and this can cause us to hold back from sharing. I think it’s almost human nature to compare ourselves to others, but comparison leads to judgement and this is all we need to fuel our insecurity and inevitable the “fake”, super holy, untouchable, perfect Christian persona we put on.

Come on people, be REAL!! Don’t worry what people think about you. God made you and He literally has a party in Heaven every time you talk about Him to others. Be yourself, it’s where you’ll find your edge! Everyone who love’s God has it, because we have God living IN us, so by putting on the “false Christian” we are denying God’s glory to shine through us and THAT entirely defeats the point! You may as well run backwards in circles. Pointless, slightly dangerous, AND you look stupid!

And finally, the third tip is: Be smart

And what I mean by this is USE your head. God’s given you wisdom and knowledge and understanding, so use it! I work in a Dental Practice as a Receptionist and I am amazed at how many conversations I find I can steer towards God.

First of all think about your Salvation. Think about that God encounter that gives you the edge. Now think about how you can bring it up into conversations. For instance (and yes I know I have it easy but…) when someone asks me “so what brought you to Sheffield?” I can choose to tell them the truth “well actually I came up here to go into Rehab!” which inevitably leads the conversation directly to Jesus, my Salvation and my Testimony. Or I can give the softer version of “oh, I came up here to attend Hope City Church” – which is a slightly less intense opening to telling them about my faith and trust in God and obviously opens up opportunities to invite people to Church. Or, if I wanna take the wimpy option out, I can lie and say something like “Oh, er, I, um….well, I liked the weather?!?”

So I try to use every aspect in conversation to my advantage and this brings about a perfect opportunity for me to share the Gospel with them!!! Now I know not everyone has such an easy “in” to a conversation but you can find one for yourself! Think about your story, your life, how God’s impacted your life, look for an “in” and try it out. And the best thing about it is, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get round to sharing the Gospel or your Testimony with them straight away, it’s great practice and you’ll find your confidence grows more and more with every step! Plus you may well make a great new friend!

And finally, I thought I would share a little word God gave me about the state of our Nation. One morning, on the way to Academy two years ago I was praying about the things that were worrying me here in the UK and out of my mouth came the following…

“Do not worry about the state of the Nation. Do not worry about the rise of the BMP. Do not worry about the state of the Economy, about the problems in our Schools. Because My people WILL rise up and their voices WILL be heard!!!”

This gives me goosebumps again just writing it! I know its a prophetic word from God and I know it will come to pass. We each have the ability to be a Trojan Horse in our worlds. We can choose to share God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ or we can choose not to. But I know that the power in sharing it is beyond anything we can see or understand now, and I am convinced that in years to come, all the work we do in sharing Jesus with our worlds today, will reep a harvest beyond all our imaginations in our worlds tomorrow!

So there they are, my three tips to help you be a great #Witness to #Your #Revival with a little bit of, what I hope to be, inspiring encouragement! Why not become a Trojan Horse yourself and let’s see this country SAVED!!! After all it IS #GodsCountry!!!


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